Most amusing

\”In a secret hearing this week Fred Goodwin has obtained a superinjunction preventing him being identified as a banker,\” said Hemming, the MP for Birmingham Yardley.

Partly it\’s amusing that someone would go to such expense to avoid being identified as a banker.

But there\’s a deeper little giggle there as well. For of course he\’s not a banker, not originally. He\’s a chartered accountant.

Which rather shows the perils of having the banking system run by such. Prem Sikka and Richard Murphy should take note: having done your articles does not make you a good banker.

3 thoughts on “Most amusing”

  1. If this is Worstall’s 2nd Law Of Commentary then Flatcap’s Corollary states that “any company which employs a CEO straight from a major management consultancy such as [name deleted on legal advice] is an instant sell”

  2. FA, not necessarily. If said CEO used to be the management consultant handling the number one company in the sector’s strategy, then hiring him to be CEO of the number two company in the sector is by no means a bad idea. As happened for [name deleted on legal advice].

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