Ms. Laurie Penny and reality

Connections are there none:

Laurie Penny in “You Say You Want a Revolution”: “There can be no question that the conditions are right for a youth movement. The young people of Britain are suffering brutal, insulting socio-economic oppression. There are over a million young people of working age not in education, employment or training, which is a polite way of saying “up shit creek without a giro”.

If you are not in education, employment or training, if you are a NEET, that is exactly when you do get a Giro, isn\’t it?

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  1. “You Say You Want a Revolution”. Fair nuff. But where in the instruction manual does it say that said revolution has to be of the Marxist based socialist variety? With the very genuine popularity of some of the policies put forward by the BNP & of organisations like EDL, in certain quaters, an entirely different revolution could be on the cards. Sorry, but when it comes to storming the barricades arts students in hoodies don’t hold a candle to skinheads in heavy boots.

  2. “when it comes to storming the barricades arts students in hoodies don’t hold a candle to skinheads in heavy boots”.

    I don’t know of any instance of when EDL or the BNP have stormed anything anywhere – in the same ways as students occupied Fortnum & Mason, etc.

    When it comes to violence or threats of violence, the worst offenders are students (or possibly Muslims – killing authors & publishers, etc), with the relatively civilised EDL and BNP coming bottom of the list.

  3. @3
    I’d 100% agree with that.
    However, if it came to ‘revolution’, not civil disturbance by a bunch of part time Trots, then I’d be looking for it from the other end of the political spectrum as well. If the so called ‘far right’ could find some charismatic leadership it’s got more to offer disaffected, jobless white youngsters than UKUcnut. They wouldn’t be taking to the streets to protest illusory ‘cuts’. There’s nothing been coming in their direction to cut. They’re bottom of the waiting list when it comes to housing, jobs, help… you name it. Trumped in the endless game of minority grievance Poker. They may be on a Giro but not much else & little prospect of anything better.

    If Libertarianism wants to succeed it needs to harness that anger & resentment. To a certain extent borrow the tactics of the Labour Party. Disapprove of the violence when the bottles start flying…”Not representative of …yada yada yada…….but can understand the dissatisfaction…. yada yada yada.” but use the threat of violence to force political change.

    That’s a better prospective outcome than a re-run of national socialism.

    There’s zero chance democracy will do what’s required because the democratic process is owned by the statists.

  4. On the whole, I would advise against holding a candle to skinheads in heavy boots. Lighted candles in particular — they tend to react badly, especially if you drip candlewax on their braces.

  5. Well it’s in response to her being histrionic, so I don’t think anything other than condescending pendantry is necessary.

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