Ms Mirren and the building of sewers

Helen Mirren joins protest against \’super sewer\’
Helen Mirren is throwing her weight behind a campaign to save a 99-year old Thameside park from destruction.

Might I suggest a little walk along a 150 year old sewer?

You know, London\’s previous \”super sewer\”?


Such a terrible destruction of the environment, don\’t you think?

12 thoughts on “Ms Mirren and the building of sewers”

  1. What are the odds on that she has to get’em out at an early occasion to prove the validity of her cause.?

  2. Are you implying that, because the Thames used to be a sewer, but is now pretty and environementally sound, therefore all sewers will be pretty and envrionmentally sound.

    Because that’s fairly stupid.

  3. The ignorance concerning both our industrial/civil engineering history and why we need things like the Thames Tunnel is fully on display in the opposition to this very necessary project. How many of the oppositionists know that the Embankment covers a sewer or how their shit is dealt with ? All they can see is that a few parks will be out of use for a few years and that’s an environmental catastrophe apparently. It’s just the same with Crossrail. They’d rather have the Thames reverting to an open sewer and London’s streets clogged with even more traffic than forego the chance to feed Gray Squirrels.

  4. La Mirren ay wish that we think her protest is to save the park, but I fear this might have more to do with it:

    it is feared anyone living near the project will face noise around the clock.

    Given that Our Helen lives in the area and her home might loose value, methinks her concerns are less about the squirrels and more about her own pocket book.

  5. “How many of the oppositionists know that the Embankment covers a sewer…”

    Well, I’m not an oppositionist, but I certainly didn’t!

  6. I seem to remember reading that the Embankment was originally supposed to be self-financing, by putting buildings on it, but that some left-wing do-gooder (Salisbury?) insisted that it have parks instead, so causing huge financial problems for the government of the day.

  7. “Well, I’m not an oppositionist, but I certainly didn’t!”

    Bazalgette. Took shit out of London. And his descendent is pumping it back in – via TV.

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