Now this is amusing

The Redundant Public Servant, the one The Guardian has been running a blog about.

You know, about how he\’ll never work again, crumbling of dreams, be on the dole forever (as Ritchie says, there are no jobs out there for those turfed out of the public sector to go to)….

He\’s got a new job.

Actual time spent unemployed seems to be about three weeks.

8 thoughts on “Now this is amusing”

  1. I assume that given the fact they now refer to themseleves as “a re-employed public servant” that they are back on the public payroll. Which suggests there is still some hiring going on there, despite the world ending cuts .

  2. The fact that his mug is in a national newspaper might just have helped him a bit, Tim.
    There is no sense in firing one or two, here or there. Lots have to go, along with the laws that create our crappy welfare/warfare state, and then billions must be returned to the economy through tax cuts. Then the market can absorb all the job changers and create a surplus of jobs

  3. I was unemployed once. It was about four hours, if I recall. Most of that was getting lunch and then hanging around while HR printed up the new contract.

    I’d say the slack in the public sector is at least 70%, and plausibly 90%. In many areas it’s very, very far north of 100%.

  4. … Then suddenly there are strong hands on your shoulders pulling you up and into a lifeboat you had lost faith in ever seeing.

    Suddenly I’m a re-employed public servant. And feeling reprieved and thankful. But guilty too, looking over my shoulder at…
    Normally I disapprove of machine-gunning people in lifeboats, but…

  5. When I desperately needed an income as a student, I found a job washing out sputum bottles on the Respiratory ward. I suspect many “unemployed” people actually have minimum standards for what they would consider a job. I have none which is why I have never needed for work. Luckily things have improved since.
    But as I said over at the unemployed public servant’s newspaper (perhaps that is what it sould be renamed) I wrote:
    Well back in the real world, I dont have a job at all; i run a business with no guarantee at all that money will be coming in next week or next month. Due to all the government regulation in my sector I could basically be de-licensed at any time if political winds change. What you did with the interviewers, having to convince strangers of your worth is difficult, and I know because I have to do the same thing for my potential customers, 10 times every day, as well as maintaining strategic partnerships with other professions and government bodies. Its actually quite tiresome to see that an entire newspaper column is devoted to someone’s being out of work for, what, a couple of weeks, with a redundancy payment on top. People like me frequently go for weeks without a cent of income as part of normal trading patterns.

  6. “I was unemployed once. It was about four hours, if I recall.”

    God, Gillies, you really are a bore. Bully for you. Trying doing it for six months, while disabled.

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