Old Holborn meets the Tax Justice Network

And the TJN flee in terror:


Worse, after speaking with this character below (dressed as the hero of the dystopian thriller film V for Vendetta), who told us direct that \”tax is theft\” and he supported Philip Green\’s tax avoidance, at least some of the people present at Oxford Circus were radically opposed to UK Uncut, instead pushing a libertarian position from the right: anti-tax, anti-state, and supportive of tax cheats. The situation was clearly very messy and deteriorating, so we left.

18 thoughts on “Old Holborn meets the Tax Justice Network”

  1. So Richie – sorry, TJN – throws the (metaphorical) Molotov cocktail then runs away as the blaze takes hold. Nice.

    It is quite something to see all the protesters getting very upset about being mixed up with peaceful marchers (oh, sorry, it’s the other way round isn’t it?)

    The simple solution for the media is just to class them all as ‘anti-cuts protesters’ – be they peaceful marchers or violent mobs…. simply applying the same standards as UKUnhinged do when conflating tax avoidance with tax evasion by use of the pejorative “tax dodgers”.

  2. Hmm yes, the clue in this is the first word in your excerpt: “Worse,” which tells you that something came before it. And it was that earlier thing (violence) that they didn’t want to be associated with, not the libertarian arguments.

    Still, never let the facts get in the way of a good old sneer! Just hope nobody reads the original eh?

    Tim adds: Which of course is why I link to hte original: so that people can indeed read it.

    You have heard of the way in which bloggers link to things have you Nick?

  3. Nick Shaxson, I’ve only been speaking English all my life, but if someone says to me,

    “I saw this. Worse, I saw that.”

    Then it is the ‘that’ that is worse. So, libertarians are thought worse than violent protesters.

  4. I’d have thought after his last comments, where he had his a*** handed to him by everyone, little Nicky would still be licking his wounds…

  5. So to summarize, a man in a guy fawkws costume puts the wind up ’em. Some sartorial guidance there methinks.

  6. Only circus clowns wear pantomime costumes like that one.

    Ergo, Old Holborn is a circus clown, a deeply unserious figure, someone who should be mocked and ridiculed before being sent on their way with the imprint of a Doc Martens on their backside.

    Sorry, ‘V for Vendetta’ is a terrorism fantasy; and any clown who dresses up like that fantasises about being a terrorist. Did he not turn up for an election count last year dressed like that? If I’d been the Chief Inspector in charge of security, I’d have had him in for the full 28 days.

  7. “Only circus clowns wear pantomime costumes like that one.”

    And, I’m surmising, people partaking in pantomines.

  8. “…the only things I seem to get are all these riot-zone soap operas and bad disaster movies.
    Sometimes I miss ‘Storm Saxon.’
    The dialogue was better.”

  9. thank you, mr potarto: that’s exactly what the piece says: people who disagree with UKUncut (shouldn’t that be Free UK Uncut, for proper acronymic purposes?) are worse than the hoods planning mob violence.

  10. “Have you got a link, JuliaM?”

    Afraid not, can’t remember what the post was even about now!

    “Only circus clowns wear pantomime costumes like that one…”

    Really? I’ve never visited a circus that went in for monochrome. You must live quite a sheltered life, Martin…

  11. ukliberty

    “Have you read it?”

    No, because I gave up reading comics 30 years ago, but I have seen the movie version, and while watching it formed the belief that none of the Americans involved in its production would have the guts to make a movie culminating with a terrorist destruction of the Capitol presented so enthusiastically as their movie’s depiction of the terrorist destruction of Parliament. No balls, these people, just like clowns in circus masks acting out terrorist fantasies in public. At least something can be done about the circus clowns. Stick them in Belmarsh for 28 days, and that will really sort them out. They’ll be screaming for their mothers within the hour, the twats.

  12. JuliaM,

    “You must live quite a sheltered life, Martin”

    If I don’t get out much, it’s because I can’t walk properly. God love you, Julia, you never open your mouth without shoving a kitten heel right in it.

  13. Martin – If you can’t walk, that should give you plenty of time to sit at home and read.

    In which case, I’d like to suggest you read a graphic novel written by a pair of anti-Thatcherites about a totalitarian Britain where free speech is a crime.

    It’s called “V for Vendetta”, and it’s very good.

    Then once you’ve actually done the background reading, come back and try to defend your point without resorting to fallacious rhetoric about “comics are for kids”.

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