On intellectuals and progressive educators

Jones wrote from experience: her parents were neglectful of her needs, and those of her two younger sisters. The sisters often went hungry, and for years were banished to sleep in an unheated lean-to shed, to make room in case of visitors. Both parents were intellectuals and progressive educators, but were stingy not only with money but also with warmth and attention. The skinflint father bought the children a complete set of Arthur Ransome books as Christmas presents, but doled them out at a rate of one a year.

Remember, those who can\’t, teach.

3 thoughts on “On intellectuals and progressive educators”

  1. Jones wrote successfully despite her parents.
    So children can learn despite their teachers.
    I feel rather encouraged.

  2. might they have been …. poor?

    [and really, those who can’t teach … can’t what? – say it’s true that a physics teacher wouldn’t be a successful research physicist. The two jobs have very different requirements. There are lots of research physicists that can’t teach. So what?]

  3. An interesting obituary. I’m suprised they didn’t mention Dogsbody, one of her early works. From the blurb “… both she and the dog are mistreated by the family with whom they live.”

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