On the Queen\’s Highway

Nice little joke:

The other driver, who turns out to be H.M. The Queen, looks a little sheepish at this. I am also a little foxed. It is my right of way in the big scheme of things, but then it is her highway.

2 thoughts on “On the Queen\’s Highway”

  1. “it is her highway”: yeah but only cos it was stolen by those effing Normans from the Anglo-Saxons, who stole it from the Danes, who stole it from the Anglo-Saxons, who stole it from the Romans, who stole it from the Ancient Britons, who stole it from your Beaker People , which only goes to show that capitalism is theft.

    D’ye think the tox-dadger might agree to carry this searing analysis?

  2. dearieme – the Queen’s highway’s actually means that they are our highways by birthright (as she is our Sovereign figurehead and we are all equally sovereign) as opposed to the Govt.’s (which is just a legislature).

    You have ancient rights to the highways without hindrance.


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