Polly\’s complaining about localism on business rates


You know  the score, business rates are currently collected centrally and then doled out according to need. The coalition is proposing to change this, so that business rates are collected by the council and spent by the council.

Polly\’s agin\’ this.

Odd really, for the whole idea of centralising the collection and distribution of business rates was one of the, at the time, hated innovations of Thatcherism. Oh, the wailing and the gnashing of the teeth when places like Liverpool would no longer be able to raise and spend funds as the duly elected councils saw fit.

I would use this as an example of quite how conservative (small c, not Conservative) Ms. Toynbee actually is. Whatever it is that is in place must be defended for fear of what change might bring. Despite having been against the current system before it was brought in.

That\’s just being a conservative, isn\’t it?

11 thoughts on “Polly\’s complaining about localism on business rates”

  1. “This would make affluent areas raking it in, and most of the north struggling to raise funds.”

    The Labour-voting areas have been sucking the blood from the productive parts of the country to sustain a parasitical way of life.

    Typical Labour.

  2. “Typical Tories.”
    Yep, great isn’t it? Election produces a Tory lead government, government introduces Tory policies.
    That democracy thing in action.

  3. bloke in spain is quite right…. because we never heard the tories bleat once in 13 years did we?

    Oops. That old democracy thing in action… tee hee.

  4. “This would make affluent areas raking it in, and most of the north struggling to raise funds.”

    So UKCuts, does it ever occur to you to ask why the north is poor? Are they stupid or lazy? Because really, it’s one or the other, given what the Swiss can do with nothing in the way of resources.

  5. Charge lower rates, attract business, get richer.

    Or, rely on the State for 70% of your employment, get poorer, vote Labour.

  6. Polly’s something starting with a small ‘c’. Dunno that’s it’s ‘conservative’, mind.

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