Questions from Alexander Chancellor that we can answer

If tobacco is poisonous and life-threatening, why is it on sale at all?

\’Coz it\’s a free country, see, populated by free people.

The definition of which is that we each, in our own very special way, get to plot our own path from the cradle to the grave as we wish. The righteous restrictions on our ability to do this are those restrictions which stop us from harming others or stop us from restricting the ability of another to chart their own course from the cradle to said inevitable grave.

After that, you get to fuck off, see, \’coz this is a free country and we are free people.

5 thoughts on “Questions from Alexander Chancellor that we can answer”

  1. As long as it doesn’t affect others, no problem. Note: this doesn’t permit smoking in public – in cars/houses with open windows, on the street, etc.

  2. If tobacco is poisonous and life-threatening, why is it on sale at all?

    Anything, in sufficient quantities, can be poisonous and life-threatening in those quantities.

    Take Dihydrogen Monoxide, for example. Why aren’t we hearing calls for that to be banned?.

    Could it be because if you remove the hyperbole, it’s not as dangerous as some would have us believe?

  3. @commenter
    Don’t be silly. What cars? If we are banning cigarettes from being used outside, then clearly we need to ban cars for the same reason.

  4. Perhaps we should ban the creation of Children?

    Then we wouldn’t need all these silly rules about advertising/selling/et alii ‘for the sake of’ them, and the adults could look after themselves without the interference of nanny gubmint.

    There’s an idea…

    (though the downside is there wouldn’t sufficient new entrants to the NI Ponzi scheme to pay my state pension. If I get there.)

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