Questions in The Guardian we can answer

Why is breast milk ice-cream repulsive?

It isn\’t.

7 thoughts on “Questions in The Guardian we can answer”

  1. I know the Guardian is wrong about everything, all the time (copyright Daily Mash) but that law has to be put aside for the this.

  2. I’d normally agree that it’s nothing to be scared of, but I’ve smelt it after it’s been frozen!

  3. This is a terrifically empowering idea, challenging the power relationships of our dietary resources.

    I’m also encouraging my local deli to begin stocking steaks culled from the deceased relatives of Fair Trade coffee producers.

    It’s sustainable, it’s seasonal (rainfall assisting the mosquito breeding cycle), and it’s a great alternative to forcing families into a life of drudgery in the sweatshops of globalised commerce. And above all it TASTES GREAT.

  4. Somehow seems more appropriate than making the ice cream from cow’s milk, no?

    Oh sorry I forgot, commercial ice cream isn’t made from any kind of milk at all, is it…

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