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Reducing alcohol levels

Heineken announcing this week that it is reducing the strength of “a leading brand” – thought to be the cider Strongbow – by 1pc alcohol by volume, from 5.3pc to 4.3pc as “just the start” of attempts to lower the alcoholic content of its drinks;

I\’m sure they\’re entirely happy to do this.

For booze is taxed on the level of alcohol in it. Reduce the level of alcohol and you redice the tax paid: not that this is likely to mean a cut in the price charged of course.

By anecdote, one of the Watney\’s brands was withdrawn from sale once alcohol levels had to be stated (might have been when Original Gravity had to be displayed) as it was so low in alcohol that it wasn\’t, legally regared as alcoholic.

They had, of course, been charging full whack for it….

7 thoughts on “Reducing alcohol levels”

  1. Also don’t forget the extra sales this generates because people will end up to drinking 20% more to get drunk…

  2. If I remember rightly it was called Starlight & was marketed to those bywords of taste & sophistication, the folk oop north.

    It may have occasioned the saying: “Don’t take the p**s out of Watney’s, it’ll ruin the flavour.”

  3. Starlight was developed so that lorry drivers could drink eight pints of the stuff and still get behind the wheel of a truck.

  4. @3
    Really? I’d always presumed it was so drinkers could get to the vomiting stage whilst still sober enough to avoid getting it on their shoes.

  5. Why is drinking Watney’s like having sex in a punt?

    It’s [expletive deleted] close to water.

    I’ll get me coat.

  6. bloke in spain: the word you’re looking for is ‘piss’. And Heineken are a bunch of soppy cunts.

    “Piss.” It was prolly Watney’s Red Barrel, which my late Pa (an early and enthusiastic member of CAMRA) was wont to apply to any urine-like keg beer of the early ’70’s. His father’s generation bled and died at Verdun. He stood against the twin evils of fascism and Whitbread, and prevailed against them both. What can we say? We shall not see their like again.

  7. New reduced alcohol Strongbow tastes wrong
    I’ve been drinking Strongbow for 21 years I’ll
    Be drinking Aspall’s from now on.

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