Diane Abbott:

Tobacco control was one of the last Labour government\’s public health successes. We introduced the smoking ban in pubs and enclosed spaces, ended sports sponsorship and billboard advertising, raised the legal age of purchasing cigarettes and put graphic warnings on cigarette packs. We often had to push on with these policies against industry and public opinion. But nobody now would reverse any of it (except cigarette manufacturers).

I think I could find a few million who would reverse the smoking ban in pubs……

7 thoughts on “Rilly?”

  1. Presumably, then, Diane, popularity should not be taken into account when formulating economic policy. Tell that to the unions.

  2. Personally, I’m looking for my politicians to solve other real problems.

    You have around 20,000,000 benefit receivers. In a country as rich as the UK; you need that? A third of the population? Does that make sense?

    How you spend your funds is a portrait of your priorities

    You have police who have time to set up roadblocks to catch people who smoke in the van (company car work-space).

    If I were to become an MP (God forbid), would I be doing this sort of stuff? I would not go into public service for that.

    With roads blocked with snow, dirty hospitals, a seriously damaged education system, infrastructure creaking and crumbling, fortnightly?? yes fortnightly rubbish collection where my Dad lives, and an ever-growing number of people who believe that they themselves are to blame for nothing and an unspecified ‘they’ are to blame for everything….

    I am a non-smoker. My mother and Father were smokers and my mother died with, not exactly of,a lung cancer. But please, if that is the level of your achievement, go away and leave people alone. You over-rate your importance to the world.

  3. It’s interesting seeing how the ban is working here in Spain.
    Initially it came in with much fanfare & reports of establishments being heavily fined. Wasn’t at all popular in some regions & a lot of defiance. I certainly know bars where the bans being ignored late in the evening.
    Last couple of weeks after a spell of good weather there seems to be a redefining of what constitutes open space going on. In Spain there’s much more fuzziness about what constitutes indoor/outdoor . If half the side of the bar’s open anyway at what point are you inside? The spell of wind & rain in the last few days has driven folk inside but in a lot of places the fags came in with them. As long as smokers are near the door or there’s some vague connection with the outside air it’s ignored in many places.
    That’s after 2 months. At this rate the ban will be in tatters by next winter.
    Pointer to the UK – you only get this shit because you go along with it.

  4. I’d rather allow smoking in the pub but ban it from the beer garden.

    So that would make you a lesser spotted garden variety Bansturbator.

    Remove the Ban. If pubs want to be non-smoking let the landlords put up the signs and enforce the bans.

  5. But nobody now would reverse any of it (except cigarette manufacturers).

    And the fifth to a quarter of the population who are smokers.

    But, in politics smokers- or any other disliked group- are literally nobody. They don’t exist. Their voice is never heard, and so they cease to be.

    This is the terrible thing about the political class bubble. The people within it believe that the narrow range of opinion within it represent the whole world. “Public opinion” is the opinions of insider pressure groups, the media etc; “stakeholders”. The rest of us are just ghosts outside the machine.

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