Small march against the cuts today

Predicted turn out is 300,000.

So, that makes it smaller than the Countryside Alliance march.

The cuts are less important than fox hunting then. And of course the ban on fox hunting remains imposed, largely by those very people who will be marching today.

Sorry Bubbas, you didn\’t listen to your fellow citizens protecting their way of life from you: why should they listen to you demanding to remain upon the public teat?

8 thoughts on “Small march against the cuts today”

  1. Excellent point. I shall send it to my son as he is currently on a bus going to the protests. What’s more, as a mature student he ended up having to do the organising because the others were incompetent.

  2. Philip Scott Thomas

    The Today Programme this morning is working very hard indeed to reassure us that if the march turns violent it won’t be the TUC’s fault.

    Do you suppose the NUJ is part of the TUC? Why, yes. Yes it is.

  3. Thanks to fashionable laisser-faire neo naivety,the farmers get to be screwed over by a cartel of supermarkets and they hold a protest over fox-hunting: about the only thing that the public dislike about their way of life.Smart move.

  4. I feel like going down there with a banner saying “Where were you when Gordon Brown raided my pension?”

    I know where, celebrating that he’d piss the money up the wall on the public sector.

    And they want sympathy from me? They can fuck right off!

  5. Most of them, when interviewed by the Beeb, show such staggering ignorance about the situation, or what the government can reasonably be expected to do, that it’s laughable.

    So what if there’s ‘half a million’, as one excitable Guardianista just Tweeted? Millions more are simply getting on with their lives this weekend, totally ignoring you.

  6. I’m always impressed by the faith the left puts in protest marches.

    ‘Forget about democracy’, they seem to say, the real test of the people’s will is how many people you can get out on the street.

    Why does no one in the media ever point out to them that protests (in a democracy) are simply a softer version of ‘might equals right’.

    If we are supposed to alter our government’s direction because 500,000 people protest against cuts, are we therefore supposed to change the direction back if 1 million people then arrange a counter protest in favour of the cuts?

    Or do protests only count for one side?

    I think we all know the answer to that.

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