So just how much tax did Barclays pay and how much should they have?

John B with an excellent piece.

Do read the comments for the wibbling from you know who.

11 thoughts on “So just how much tax did Barclays pay and how much should they have?”

  1. I posted this at Ritchie’s place yesterday:

    “Hi Richard,

    I think you should do more “tax research” and delve into company reports and figures rather than just regurgitate newspaper articles”

    As it was deleted I assume he’s not now even bothering looking at a company’s reports himself, just pasting Guardian articles.

  2. Aw, Noel, it’s not “just pasting Guardian articles”.
    It’s “just pasting articles from the tax-dodging Guardian”.

  3. Mr. Murphy has no ability to discuss. When faced with an argument which destroys his argument he goes off at a tangent. (see his postings in the link in Tim’s post).

    He does not discuss. He does not analyse, he has his axe to grind, which as I get to know him seems to be:
    Corporations are evil

    They belong to a clique of extremely rich people who are very evil people.

    Everything they do is evil and self-seeking but with the added intention of hurting the poor and weak

    We need to curb these people and their instruments.

    I am a knight in shining armour and everything I do, even when I am wrong is OK because my motives are pure.

    I am really grateful for the article. I don’t have time to go through all the documentation (and probably would have problems with it if I tried). But the answers are exactly as I expected (or even more transparent). The bank pays its taxes transparently and correctly. End of story.

  4. I like the way he questions the CGT exemption that Barclays used (SSE presumably), without mentioning that he was asked by the Guardian to vet their own usage of said allowance in 2008, when he gave them a clean bill of health.

  5. Wot Max said. This may mean the comments threads there will be safer for my sanity. Hey, I might even start posting there again given pretty much all the comments on John’s piece have been positive. He’s still trying to defend his Vodafone position despite everything though.

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