Something of a surprise

A decent backgrounder on the Japanese nuclear situation. And it\’s in The Guardian.

\”What happened at Chernobyl, which was a much more serious accident than this, was that the local Soviet authorities were in denial, they didn\’t get people out of the area, they didn\’t evacuate quickly enough, and they allowed children to continue to drink heavily contaminated milk, and as a consequence, many children received high doses of radiation, a sievert and greater, to the thyroid and we\’ve seen thousands of thyroid cancers as a consequence,\” Wakeford said.

\”In 1957 radioiodine was released in the Windscale fire in Cumbria . They monitored it and tipped the milk away. If they had done that at Chernobyl they could have prevented much of the problem.\”

4 thoughts on “Something of a surprise”

  1. They may have tipped the milk away – but they didn’t tell the public until much later.
    My Father was in charge of this issue in 1957, my young brother just six months old – and my Mother never did forgive him for not even telling her of the risk in cows milk at the time….
    Anna (glowing nicely in the dark having lived in the lea of every single nuclear reactor in the UK in her time – you can judge the harmful results for yourself!)

  2. Why do they never put articles like this on CiF ? Instead there has been a steady stream there of Green propaganda scare stories, although it’s actually quite heartening to see the number of commenters who aren’t buying it.

  3. The best comment on the disaster was at the end of a piece in the One Show about Windscale.

    The presenter said the in the (unspecified) area around the site there had been 264 cancer deaths possibly related to the disaster (in 54 years).

    Biased? Never!

  4. Some people ran a big radiation scare in the 80s or 90s about clusters of leukamia victims near nuclear plants. When an honest statistician looked at the data there were FEWER clusters near nuclear plants than should have expected if the clusters were randomly distributed.
    It turns out that the most dangerous place for radiation is Cornwall. which has no nuclear plants, because there is naturally occurring Radon gas.

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