Strange information of the day

An investment manager of my aquaintance has been buying shares in the company that owns those nuclear plants in Japan.

It is, of course, a bet, even if a well informed one, that the way the media have been reporting this is overblown.

I think we\’d all rather hope that he makes a lot of money out of this, eh?

For what little it\’s worth (I have no inside information and only a smattering of detailed knowledge about nuclear power plants) I think he\’s right.

5 thoughts on “Strange information of the day”

  1. Ah, the old disaster play. Seem to remember that people made a lot of money on Exxon after the Valdez incident.

    If the company is normally profitable, and the incident isn’t big enough to bankrupt them, there’s probably long term gain to be had from the short term pain.

    Imagine BP was probably a candidate after the Gulf of Mexico too…

  2. I was taught that the last thing you want in a crisis play is a real crisis.

    Is this a hit to one year of profits, or does it hole them for years?

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