That Gary Glitter royalties story

Or rather, why is this a story at all?

Songs featured in the award-winning high school musical, which airs in the UK on Channel 4\’s digital E4, have become fixtures in the charts and Paltrow\’s take on the glam rock star\’s 1973 hit Do You Wanna Touch Me was no different. The episode aired in the US this week and the song has already made it into the American iTunes top 30.

It is likely to lead to a hefty windfall in royalties for the shamed singer from sales of the track, which Paltrow performs as teacher Holly Holliday during a scene in a sex education class.

The inclusion of the Glitter cover version was described as wholly inappropriate by the children\’s charity Kidscape.

Paul Gadd is indeed a convicted kiddy fiddler: but are we really supposed to listen to or not a piece of music based upon the personal character of the composer?

Makes Wagner a bit difficult really, doesn\’t it?

Who would really want to listen to John Lennon, knowing that doing so makes Yoko even richer?

8 thoughts on “That Gary Glitter royalties story”

  1. don’t forget Lennon’s own iffier character traits such as wife-beating and overt support for the IRA.

    Carl Orff’s association with Nazism would make Carmina Burana a bit suspect too

  2. And it’s well-known that it only became ok to listen to Tchaikovsky after teh gayers could do it legally.

  3. “Who would really want to listen to John Lennon, knowing that doing so makes Yoko even richer?”

    Yes, that being the punchline to my favourite Beatles related joke.

  4. Tell that to all the concerned Guardianistas fretting over whether it was still ok to wear Galliano last week…

    Given he went on an anti-semetic rant, I’m surprised he’s not been given a column.

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