The Guardian and radiation

Japan crisis: nuclear workers exposed to 10,000 times more radiation than normal

Ooooh, my, how terrible!

Are they OK?

The three injured workers now brings to 17 the total number of workers exposed to more than 100 millisieverts of radiation at the plant, an annual exposure level considered the lowest at which any increase in cancer risk is evident.

Err, yes, they\’re just fine.

They\’ve not even gone over the limit for allowable radiation. Allowable radiation in times of emergency that is: they\’ve had about twice what a nuclear worker is allowed to have in a year.

The actual physical damage is akin to a case of sunburn.

Two weeks after the tsunami struck, the official death toll passed 10,000 yesterday with a further 17,500 listed as missing, as rescuers continue to discover bodies, some of which are being interred in mass graves despite Japan\’s cultural preference for cremation.

Government figures showed 660,000 households still do not have water and more than 209,000 do not have electricity, with damage now estimated at £192bn, making this the most expensive natural disaster on record.

A bit of proportion people….

3 thoughts on “The Guardian and radiation”

  1. That link actually takes us to The Telegraph but any easy mistake to make; not being able to get a fag paper between any of the MSM’s coverage of this ‘nuclear disaster’.

  2. 10,000 x 0 = 0
    Whenever somebody selling something talks only proportions ask for hard numbers (& sometimes vice versa).

    Research proves that Green party activists are more than 10 million times more likely to successfully summon the devil, by sacrificing babies than BNP members are.

  3. I was wondering about this. Thanks. It was funny how the papers (and all the papers, not just the Graun or Telegraph) was doing the “10,000 times more” vagueity without putting it in its proper context.

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