The Guardian on radiation in Japan

My word, this is a surprise:

Many of their homes are inside the evacuation zone, with radiation 17 times higher than background levels and tap water too contaminated to drink.

17 times higher than background, eh?

As the excellent xkcd points out. General background level is 10 microsieverts a day. Extra radiation from being in one of the towns around the Fukushima plant is 3.5 microsieverts.

It\’s very difficult indeed to get to the 17 times background from there really.

4 thoughts on “The Guardian on radiation in Japan”

  1. I thought the tap water was too contaminated to drink because the tsunami had flattened all the pumping plants and washed billions of tons of raw sewage into the reservoirs.

  2. I was up in Chamonix today, where I’m told the Couloir des Cosmiques is in good condition. Of course, the mountain guides who can show you this wonderful ski descent are exposed to 100X more cosmic radiation than the rest of us.
    With the papers here full of graphics of the radiation cloud you’d think the guides might be taking a few days off?
    No, they’re not.

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