The labourer is worthy of his hire

I\’m directed to this:

Richard Murphy (Tax Research LLP) has been providing a lot of technical support. But please note he is a freelance consultant, so there are limits on what support he can provide without remuneration!

Seems entirely fair to me.

I was asked to do a quick paper just recently and I had to point out that part of my living comes from scribbling for people. If you want a few hundred words of stream of consciousness stuff, as with a blog post, sure, fine.

You want a few thousand of something more considered then yes, you do need to make a contribution to my mortgage/beer bill.

There\’s all sorts of things to pound the man for but making a living isn\’t one of them.

3 thoughts on “The labourer is worthy of his hire”

  1. Fair dos to Murphy, but any officer of a company that parts with cash to line the pockets of that fuckwit is probably in breach of his fiduciary duty.

  2. Surely there is a balance between supply (at a price) and demand (at a price) even for idiots.

    You must remember that Ritchie is one of Stalins “Useful Idiots”.

    This is the great value of market-driven economics. They can prove that even idiocy has a price and therefore a value to someone.

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