The most flirtatious cities in the world….

Athens first then:

The other cities to make it into the top 10 were Kuwait City, Baku in Azerbaijan, Tunis, Kiev, Beirut, Turin, and Bari in southern Italy.

A strange mixture. Most of those would be places where people might flirt but there\’s not much else going on. We don\’t tend to think of Kuwait City or Tunis as being hot beds of extra- or pre- marital sex really…..

7 thoughts on “The most flirtatious cities in the world….”

  1. Ah! But they write of flirting not bonking. Indeed, in several of the places named, I believe bonking, at least the sort that goes on outside marriage, is actually frowned upon.

    Thuis one might be persuaded to think flirting is indeed popular since it’s all there is.

  2. “We don’t tend to think of Kuwait City or Tunis as being hot beds of extra- or pre- marital sex really…..”

    I bet there’s more than you’d imagine, actually…

  3. One of the many surprises for me in India was the saucy looks from the women.

    I am probably not exaggerating when I say that I had more saucy looks in 6 months in India than I have in 40 years in Britain.

    And, as Julia M says – “more than you’d imagine”, not that I got any in India.

  4. off topic, but Peter Wilby actually starts out very well with a piece on cif this morning – though it does tails off to the usual low quality we expect of him and his ilk.

  5. Yes, there is more than you’d think going on in Kuwait city. Because there are no bars or clubs, young folk have to meet each other in either shopping centres or restaurants. It isn’t really appropriate to just wander up and chat somebody up, to the trick is to catch their attention, signal your interest, and leave a phone number obviously on your table and leave, or drop it on hers as you leave. If she phones you, she was interested. You can also follow her back to her car if you so desire, and apparently this is normal and won’t get you arrested or pepper-sprayed. Anyway, the flirting, i.e. smiling, winking, staring, etc. from a short distance is the norm in Kuwait. I had a Kuwaiti friend take me to a restaurant and show me how this was done shortly before I left, but I was pretty uncomfortable with the whole idea. Getting hammered and mounting a last-ditch campaign at 2am was more my style. Which is a shame, because the Kuwait girls were damned pretty a lot of them.

    As for Baku, I found the women to be either hairy or prostitutes. I didn’t see much flirting.

  6. So, johnny bonk, it would appear your online sobriquet is rather inapt, n’est-ce pas?

    Re the saucy looks &c, a friend of mine explained it once as the Superman Effect. When Superman was on planet Krypton, he was just an average guy. When he came to Earth he gained his superpowers. Thus if you really want a spectacularly simple series of leg-overs, move to a different country. It’s like the Eagles song “New Kid in Town”. Worked for me. The tragic coda is, however, that unlike Superman the effects wear off after about six months and then you have to start working for it again.

  7. @Gillies – it bonk as in bank as in small hill – Black Country slang (i’m from West Bromwich many years ago) … that’s my line and I’m sticking to it.

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