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The Sunday Telegraph\’s campaign against squatting can be relaxed when the victim is Saif Gaddafi.


Last week, The Sunday Telegraph launched a campaign to give the owners of squatted houses greater legal powers to regain the quiet enjoyment of their property, rather than stand helplessly by and see it abused and degraded.

There is a legal principle that stands higher than the law, however, and that is justice.

No, no, and thrice no.

I\’m willing to agree that a panel of senior judges, sitting in serious contemplation, is able to say that the law\’s an ass and that this just ain\’t justice.

But not that the people who write newspaper editorials (some of whom I know on this particular paper, which gives you an idea of quite how lowly the breed is) get to lay the law aside as and when it suits them.

As and when we stick you in a wig and a dress on the Supreme Court you get to do this. Not until.

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