This neoliberalism thing is just great, innit?


The poor are getting rich.

Wages more than double in only 4 years.

Great, innit?

7 thoughts on “This neoliberalism thing is just great, innit?”

  1. We free-marketeers are the only ones who really believe in globalisation and the real elimination of poverty.

    Others want to direct the process(because they are GOOD people), but don’t care about the result. If they did, they would change the process they recommend, cos it don’t work, my lurves.

    We don’t have to be poorer because the Chinese are getting richer. We might be, but that will be our problem and not caused by them. They are doing it. Are we?

    What are you doing today to make your economy wealthier? Sitting on your ass won’t crack it.

    Yet I see much sitting on asses in Britain, wailing and gnashing of teeth, and cries of injustice and ‘why haven’t I got that new toy as well’, from here in Spain.

  2. Martin, there hasn’t been a global recession for many many years. So a global recession really does have nothing to do with it.

  3. You must have good eyesight

    I wonder of the whole question of a global recession starting about, oh, 4 years ago might have anything to do with this.

  4. The graph would be a little less dramatic if we stripped out the effect of the dollar’s dramatic fall in the last few years. Relevant not only as the graph shows dollars but also because the Renminbi is in de facto currency union with the dollar.

    Not that it detracts from the main point. Just a nit-pick I suppose.

  5. Huh?

    They’ve rejected neoliberalism again and again, “more liberal than a totalitarian dictatorship” =/= Timmy’s neoliberal policy mix.

    Jeez, you keep doing this!

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