Those Telegraph subs in Oz


Erm, do those Aussie subs not know that we have right hand drive cars in the UK?

5 thoughts on “Those Telegraph subs in Oz”

  1. Yes. This is a “most royalty-free picture libraries are American and most online producers are too lazy to bother flipping the image in Photoshop” story, not an Aussie sub story…

  2. It seems like an odd picture to use in an article saying women are safer drivers than men.
    I was driving through Toronto once, on the major freeway through the city. A woman came up the ramp behind me, merged into traffic, lane changed twice, and passed me on the left. All the while doing her makeup, in the mirror North American car makers thoughtfully put on the back of the sun visor. She had to have been steering at least part of the time with her knees. It was all executed perfectly. I was kind of impressed.

  3. And the sub-title says this “Insurance premiums for drivers must be based on risk – it’s only fair, argues Philip Johnston. ” Seems that Philip is arguing that the new rules for equality are fair – when in actual fact he argues like 99.9% of other commentators. The .1% are the ultra hard left socialist feminists.

  4. Bill Whittaker:

    Years ago, Rush Limbaugh got a lot of mileage out of “women farding (applying makeup) in their car.”

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