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I get a rather nice review of the book in the Galveston \”Daily News\”.

Many of Worstall’s conclusions are contrary to the conventional wisdom, but Worstall arrives at them by starting with the positions presented by major environmentalists.

He then pares away the demonstrably wrong. Next, he starts with the solutions postulated by environmentalists and filters them through a rigorous economic analysis. The results often are startling and frequently hilarious.

Worstall is not opposed to environmentalism. He wants a cleaner planet. He even makes a large chunk of income from recycling metals.

But Worstall is unwilling to undertake human sacrifice for Gaia, especially when he shows that market solutions offer the same environmental benefits without unnecessary discomfort.


Worstall is that most annoying of heretics, one that uses orthodox dogma to demonstrate the ridiculousness of accepted doctrine.

Given that that was what I was actually trying to do I like this review.

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  1. I’ve not forgotten the point that I need to review your book for LC, by the way. Just, paid and uni work are *severe* at the moment.

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