Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

Green jobs are a cost…..again.

2 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. I like your emphasis of jobs being a cost and not a benefit. However, you do slightly have it both ways in this ASI article.

    In your own terms the 2.2 jobs lost as a result of green investment are actually a benefit, and so it’s potentially a good thing that there’s net job loss.

    Of course, the comparison can’t be made without comparing the “seen” new windmills with the “unseen” output that we’ve lost and that’s always much harder to judge.

  2. Thinking further it’s made me realise that when most people hear about jobs being created (myself included before reading your comments) they unconsciously think in terms of previously unemployed people taking them up, and so assume no useful output has been lost at all.

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