Well done The Guardian\’s picture editor


That\’s the photo to go with Jet Harris\’ obituary.

I\’m not entirely convinced that it actually is Jet Harris. But even if it were, bit odd to illustrate the obit of an iconic bass player with him holding a regular guitar, eh?

7 thoughts on “Well done The Guardian\’s picture editor”

  1. One of my son’s friends plays a 6 string bass guitar. I’m not sure if that is one but counting the strings isn’t a definitive guide.

  2. I have gradually come to the conclusion that distinguishing a guitar from a bass is a highly esoteric bit of pedantry well beyond the scope of ordinary journalists or TV editors. Hundreds of concert videos featuring close-ups of the bassist during the guitar solo led me to the belief — the bassist at that point is generally playing something very simple and can gesture in a suitable manner, while the guitarist actually playing the solo is concentrating on what he is doing and is therefore incapable of attracting the attention of the producer / editor / whoever it is who has the job of deciding what we see.

    The inevitable deduction is that you don’t have to like music to make music videos — kind of like you don’t have to like snooker to make snooker tv broadcasts, and the job is usually given to someone who finds inane jokey features more interesting than the matches that are actually going on.

  3. The Mail Online story from 2008 “Out of the Shadows” (on Google) has a very early photo of the group ( you can tell by Cliff Richard’s relative skinniness) with Harris playing a semi acoustic six string.

  4. yes, it’s definitely him. he’d stopped dyeing his hair blonde by that time, and often used a six string, both live and in the studio after he left the shadows

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