Will Hutton lectures us

On how we should do business and our wider, societal, responsibilities.

Hmm, for the Work Foundation, that charitable organisation he was driving when it went into bankruptcy:

Accounts for 30 Jun 2009:
326 days overdue

Annual Return for 30 Jun 2009:
326 days overdue

Do note,that\’s for the period before the bankruptcy, not the period with it in it.

1 thought on “Will Hutton lectures us”

  1. And look into why it went bankrupt Tim. He sold the bit that made money to Serco (I think) and then basically stated that consultancy cockwaffle would make up for the loss of income.

    Well that proved to be a load of bollocks (as usual for Will Hutton) and all the penioners from the WF took a right haircut on their pensions. Whereas Will just keeps on trucking (as witnessed by his recent government job)

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