Will Hutton\’s upcoming report

Britain needs a grown-up conversation about the relationship between its public and private sectors – and a framework in which taxpayers , shareholders, workers and customers can understand why our bosses are paid what they are, and to limit it when it gets out of hand.


I, for one, would like to know why someone who was being paid £175,000 a year to run a charity, and ran it into bankruptcy, is still being employed by that now rescued charity. And how much he is being paid by that now rescued charity (accounts are not available for the period after the bankruptcy yet).

Such rewards for failure will be discussed in your report, eh Will?

3 thoughts on “Will Hutton\’s upcoming report”

  1. I think the general strategy being pursued is one called

    “The Third Sector Runs Everything. Governments and Businesses and Little People Do What They Are Told By Us”.

    something like that.

  2. Pension policy must be for the Many not the Few. So it must be for taxpayers not for civil servants. Have I got that Labour catchphrase right? I believe I do.

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