Timmy elsewhere

My contribution to the Royal Wedding over at The Register:

Di and Charlie did the aisle tango back in 1981 and now their son is about to follow suit……(…)…..That father and son have a 30-year gap between their being able to go gonad to gonad with their respective brides in lawful matrimony rather points up Sir Pterry\’s use of that as a useful timespan to consider humanity.

So that\’s the knighthood fucked then….

One comment on “Timmy elsewhere

  1. The reference to the Osborne ( ‘laptop’?) was particularly amusing.
    Friend over in UK has been preening herself over her purchase of the latest IPad & looking at the Osborn specs & ignoring the absence of internet capability or a browser there’s absolutely nothing she does on the Ipad that she couldn’t do on the Osborn. If she could lift it.

    Fascinating how much money people will spend to send 3 line e-mails……

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