Dear Mr. Hinchcliffe

Yes, this is the point:

The same market philosophy which impacted upon my constituents 20 years ago is at the heart of the health and social care bill. Its proposals are driven by an ideology totally alien to a health service whose success has been rooted in co-operation and collectivism.

The way forward isn\’t, as Glover implies, tampering around the edges of these proposals. It must be about challenging and confronting the thinking at the heart of the bill. If we believe in the basic founding principles of the NHS, the minor adjustments he suggests would do little to contain the damage which will clearly arise from this legislation.

You\’re absolutely right that the changes proposde strike at the very heart of the founding principles of the NHS. For we\’ve found that that post war set of principles, the rigid centralisation of provision, direct governmental provision, planning on a national scale of provision, doesn\’t in fact work very well. Which is why we\’d like to change it.

You know, Stalin died in 1953?

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  1. It’s amazing how long the NHS managed to coast along, exploiting the social capital of an earlier era. But it’s pretty much all spent now.

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