From the director of the centre for Ernst Bloch studies

The solution to all our problems:

But in the medium to long term it means a complete recentering of the economy towards a more sustainable ecology and a more efficient and low impact mode of production, in which the pursuit of growth in order to simply accumulate more capital is abolished. This is also known as socialism.

It\’s quite remarkable how the meaning of socialism has changed in only a century, isn\’t it?

Back a hundred years, indeed, until 40 or 50 years ago, socialism was about more growth. That planning, the scientific exploitation of, rather than market based groping with, the resources of the nation, would increase growth and thus liberate the poor and make them free and rich.

Now socialism seems to mean no growth at all.

Easy enough to understand of course, for we\’ve now 100 years of experience and know very well that what socialism is very good at doing is providing no growth at all. So at least they\’re being honest about what\’s on the tin this time.

One other thing, what is the University of Sheffield doing running a centre studying the works of a low level late to the party Marxist? One who went to the GDR in 1949 but when offered the opportunity to contribute to really building socialism decided to nip out to the DDR  in 1961 as the building of the Wall removed the opportunity to do so?

U. Sheffield….ah, isn\’t that where Danny Dorling is? I suppose keeping all the idiots in one place makes them easier to avoid….

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  1. Socialism has certainly proven not to be able to provide growth but it didn’t really do so in a ecologically sustainable way nor was the production efficient and low impact. The fact that more efficient production equals growth also seem to have been completely overseen…

    Idiot is indeed the best way of describing him

  2. Hi Tim,

    Spot of pendantry – both GDR and DDR were acronyms for East Germany (German Democratic Republic, Deutsche Demokratische Republik). West Germany was FRG or BRD.


  3. Tim:

    You don’t seem to understand: socialism can be whatever socialists wish (except successful).

  4. Said it before–will say it again: In days gone by the bullshit of the left was that “scientific socialism” would soon outstrip wasteful and inefficient capitalism (indeed direct experiments were made to prove the state was better than the market back in the 1930’s–anybody fancy a flight on the R101?–no?). When it become obvious that the reality of hellholes like–oh–every socialist dump on the planet gave the lie to this theory, a simple decision was made in the “minds” of a large number of leftists: If socialism could not produce material progress, it must be material progress that’s wrong.

  5. “One other thing, what is the University of Sheffield doing running a centre studying the works of a low level late to the party Marxist?”

    Universities only ever do this sort of thing if someone stumps up a LOT of cash. EG Sir Basil Zaharoff (the eminent arms’ dealer) funded a chair of French Literature at Oxford. If you have money, a university will help you spend it.

  6. @diogenes,

    They don’t call it the People’s Democratic Republic of South Yorkshire for nothing you know.

  7. oh no JamesV…please don’t tell me that your granny used to play cricket with a stick of rhubarb

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