I wonder who is doing the Poppy Project\’s PR?

Because they\’re certainly very good at it.

This long piece in The Guardian today for example.

That there is trafficking, in the proper sense of people being kidnapped and then being held as sex slaves, I have no doubt of. It\’s vile, illegal and should and must be clamped down upon, of course.

However, we would also like to know how prevalent it is. That we\’ve one case described here which meets that definition does not mean that it is as prevalent as the Poppy Project says it is.

But much more importantly, the existence of trafficking does not mean that the Poppy Project should be in receipt of taxpayers\’ funds.

That someone should be, yes, for it is indeed vile and something needs to be done about it. But that\’s not the same as saying that these specific people, Poppy, need to be the people doing it nor that what Poppy wants to do about it is the thing that should be done.

It\’s those latter two hurdles that need to be leapt before Poppy gets the keys to the Treasury and it\’s those latter two that both this piece and the campaign in general (for those who haven\’t noticed, Poppy lost i\’s funding. The Sally Army is getting it.) haven\’t addressed.

Essentially, Poppy is saying \”something must be done so give us money\”. The correct question is \”something must be done so what do we do and who does it?\”…..something which does already seem to have been asked, the answer being \”not what Poppy does and not by Poppy\”.

And I would even hazard a guess as to why the answer came back as \”not Poppy\”. Quite a lot of people have actually noted the lies and disinformation around the definitions of trafficking, the lies and disinformation about the extent of it, the ludicrous research carried out by the likes of Julie Bindel and the policy based evidence making that was fed through Harry Harperson to lead up to a change in the law.

Quite frankly m\’dears, what did you expect? You fuck over the rest of us with your lies and what do you expect to happen? Quite, first chance we get we\’re going to return the favour, aren\’t we?

It\’s that reap:sow interface in action.

6 thoughts on “I wonder who is doing the Poppy Project\’s PR?”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    From the victim:

    If the government cared it would not be closing the Poppy Project.

    Err, nope. It isn’t closing the Poppy Project. The project is perfectly free to stay open – getting its funds like any other charity.

  2. The sal dalls are about the only Christian organisation I’ve much time for. Oh, and a Methodist old folks home that looked after my FiL at the end – they were actually clearly filled with Christian Charity, bless ’em.

    And, I must say, the very name “Poppy” would put me off that lot. Though at least it’s not a bloody fruit.

  3. The Sally Army?

    Would a brass band playing outside a brothel put the customers off their stroke?

    Tim adds: Depends what beat the bass drum is using really. A quick version of Take Five can complicate matters…..

  4. There probably is some traffic in the more benighted parts of the World but the lies this shower have told to try to claim that it is rife in the West more than justify cutting them off. Feminism is not just an offshoot of Marxism it is also a sexual trade union for aging, nasty and abrasive females. They want to end any sort of sexual choice for men, either prostitution or going abroad to get third world wives with traditional female values.

  5. The Pedant-General

    “something must be done so what do we do and who does it?”

    And then you ask the 10 most important words:
    At what cost?
    Compared to what?
    How do you know?

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