I wonder who this is?

A leading campaigner for the Alternative Vote is the latest public figure to secure a gagging order from the courts preventing the disclosure of details of his sex life.

Could be anyone really.

Well, it won\’t be John Hemming for he\’s quite open about his quite interesting family arrangements.

Won\’t be Clegg for he\’s already told us about his 30 or so. Horribly difficult to believe that amy woman would have sidled up to Ed for a legover.

I dunno, there\’s no real hints available here is there? \”Leading pro-AV campaigner\”?


Probably just some bloke looking for a cuddle while his wife recovers from giving birth. Reprehensible, yes, but not exactly the most unusual of behaviours.

8 thoughts on “I wonder who this is?”

  1. Some enterprising journalist ought to surreptiously leak all these names to an overseas based website to publish.

    That is the only way the Justice Eady’s of this world will be brought into line.

  2. The fact that they describe them as a “leading campaigner for the alternative vote” suggests they aren’t MPs but maybe either someone from the ERS or one of the celebrity supporters (Izzard, Fry, Akabussi?)

    Tim adds: Possibly….but who or what any of those three are shagging is hardly interesting, is it?

  3. I’ve heard that Mr González Durántez is having a fling with his secretary while the wifey has pushed off to Spain for a bit…

  4. But not necessarily true. The No campaign, having refused to have a broadcast debate has been carrying out a pretty scummy campaign of personal attacks and outright lies (eg the £250 million AV costs could buy this baby/soldier a ventilator/bullet proof vest).

    By definition a story like this cannot be denied, which makes it perfect for the unscrupulous. On the other hand all the previous stories have been about footballers and similar “celebrities”. What are the odds of somebody whose main claim to fame is wanting AV needing an injunction to discourage media attention?

  5. (Akabussi?)

    Tim adds: Possibly….but who or what any of those three are shagging is hardly interesting, is it?

    Akabusi possibly, given he is an open and vocal evangelical Christian.

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