It is possible to divorce well

Ms. Pisani sticks up for her ex husband.

And yes, Reuters are being complete and total fools, prigs (but I repeat myself) over their firing of David Fox.

5 thoughts on “It is possible to divorce well”

  1. It’s stupid, yes, but these are the same clowns (Andrew Marshall) who mercilessly criticized US troops in Iraq.

    So, it’s a bit rich to hear the the guy complain that it was the night shift and he was tired.

  2. I have been worked over by an unethical journalist at the company who played on my naivety, and got a good ear bashing from my superiors.

    Its nice to know that they obviously regard journalistic ethics as less important than stopping people letting off steam.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    As far as I am concerned firing one Reuters journalist is nothing more a good start. I guess the pleasure, if that is the right word, is in seeing the politically correct get caught up in their own repressive machinery for a change.

    But does anyone know what the joke was?

    Tim adds: Along the lines of…, someone jokes about how he’s going bald. So he says that women in Japan won’t need to get Brazilian waxes as the radiation makes their hair fall out.

    Meh, to be fired for that…..

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