Kympin tyttö

Another of those Nordic words we need in English.

The first is of course the quite lovely Norwegian word, \”outepils\” (spelling uncertain). The literal translation is \”outside beer\” and what it really means is that first, gorgeous, spring day, the first one of the year when you can sit outside and have a beer. Or rather, that first beer of the year you have outside on such a gorgeous spring day.

And now we have, from the Finnish, kympin tyttö. Which means:

which translates to \”straight A girl\”, is a young woman who is instinctively obedient to social currents around her as she gets straight A\’s in high school, and in the matriculation examination she aces the exams in at least four foreign languages, but takes only short math and as little chemistry and physics as she needs to graduate. After her humanities or social sciences college degree (where her desire to \”change the world\” wakes up, and dating an exciting Mediterranean male until graduation is a cliche), she quietly resents the success of others of the more practical bent, so she gets a government job where she gets to feel important and, along with other similar women, lend support to whichever trendy left-wing movement currently holds the highest social cachet.

Why does this remind me of Caroline Lucas?

13 thoughts on “Kympin tyttö”

  1. I have “an exciting Mediterranean male” friend who takes great joy in taking advantage of such Finnish and Swedish girls, he also takes the opportunity to convert them to his rather right wing beliefs, haha!

  2. Interesting. My own experience was that aceing maths, physics and chemistry is easier than aceing languages and the humanities, though it was easier to get a passing grade in languages and the humanities than in the sciences and maths.

  3. why the ‘girl’ bit? Aren’t men who fit exactly the same profile equally as common?

    Now we just need a Nordic word for people of the type to which our host corresponds.

  4. LE @ 8: “why the ‘girl’ bit? ” Well, look at the links….

    And then consider whether the semi-educated, feminist, euro-female’s critical faculties are not at least partially atrophied…

  5. You forgot the compulsory flirtation with lesbianism, something which drives actual lesbians up the wall.

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