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Double standard six: research

Last week I argued about these issues with Caroline Lucas. She is one of my heroes, and the best thing to have happened to parliament since time immemorial. But this doesn\’t mean that she can\’t be wildly illogical when she chooses. When I raised the issue of the feed-in tariff, she pointed out that the difference between subsidising nuclear power and subsidising solar power is that nuclear is a mature technology and solar is not. In that case, I asked, would she support research into thorium reactors, which could provide a much safer and cheaper means of producing nuclear power? No, she told me, because thorium reactors are not a proven technology. Words fail me.

8 thoughts on “Monbiot on Lucas”

  1. I think George is beginning to see the light. And the opprobrium heaped upon him by his erstwhile allies will open his eyes even more…………….

  2. Half-way to Damascus, m’ boys.

    He’s on the slippery slope to where many of us are.

    He is going to be surprised at the hate he is going to generate.

    And I still don’t like him either.

  3. He’s 48, its called growing up, at last. Shame that this moment has been reached by Ms Lucas et al.

  4. The Laughing Cavalier

    The kindest thing this old dog can think of to say about Ms Lucas is that she is a fruitcake. Interesting that even the moonbat is beginning to realise that the lights are going to go out if we rely on so-called renewables. Thorium is the way to go, safe, clean & reliable.

  5. it frightened me the other week when Simon Hughes seriously suggested that we could buy electricity from a solar array in Morocco….and then all this casual talk of building dams, barrages and generally littering the sea with equipment to generate piffling amounts of electricity….unfortunately they have fallen for the snake oil

  6. Wind is half the price of nuclear but photovoltaics could be the same price, hence the scrabble for justification. Yes PV is still maturing as nuclear has stalled, but why should we bother paying for it when the price will fall anyhow, driven by much larger global markets. The feed-in tariff is a ridiculously expensive piece of tokenist nonsense, with other electricity users paying the rich and big companies too much for owning silly energy gadgets.

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