No favouritism here, oh dearie me, how could you think so?

A senior councillor has been parachuted into a desirable central London home after a young family was evicted by her housing association against their wishes, it has emerged.

So, bird is well paid manager of urban deisgn firm. Sits on management of housing association. Cabinet member in local council.

Nice three story house in Covent Garden. Former tenants are moved out (perhaps rightly, who knows) and our bird, well paid manager who just happens to be on the local council and the housing association, gets nice house in Covent Garden.

Three story house in Covent Garden? £1 million and up perhaps? On a housing association rent?

But of course she deserves it, she\’s a tribune of the people, isn\’t she?

Come along now, who is in the least surprised at this? Those who allocate the ripe plums of other peoples\’ money are always going to be allocated the ripe plums of other peoples\’ money, aren\’t they?

4 thoughts on “No favouritism here, oh dearie me, how could you think so?”

  1. Bringing one of those vital trades into the city centre, who otherwise couldn’t afford to live there.

  2. Reading the article it stated the original tenants were granted a tenancy with one succession. Given the people evicted were the son and daughter of one of the original tenants, how could a succession have already taken place? Something stinks (apart from the choice of new tenant).

  3. “Yes, I can see that some people would look at this and (conclude) that there is something untoward going on, but the reality is not like that,” she said.”

    Hey, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc…

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