No, I don\’t think so Richard

We will of course continue to publish online at and, offering the full range of articles and jobs currently found in print, as well as new, specialist digital material. Currently over 120,000 individuals visit each month.

To which he adds:

Second, they only just beat me in terms of number of visits.

No, I don\’t think so.

In online metrics, \”visitors\” is different from \”visits\”. A \”visitor\” is sometimes known as an absolute unique visitor. So one IP address is counted only once in each month, however many visits they might make. So, for example, a regular daily reader of the new output is one visitor.

A \”visit\” is one IP address turning up, however many page views they have in that visit. So, for example, a regular daily reader is 30 visits (in a 30 day month).

A page view is of course the number of pages served up. So if your daily visitor reads (ie, visits, separately, 5 pages) 5 pages, this will count as 150 page view in that month.

Now I\’m vaguely willing to believe that Ritchie is getting near 120,000 page views a month. Which is almost certainly not the measurement that Accountancy Age is using. But I\’m about willing to believe that he\’s getting that sort of traffic.

I\’m not, I\’m afraid, willing to believe that he gets 120,000 visits a month, and most certainly not 120,000 unique visitors a month.

A quick skip through Alexa (which itself is a flawed metric, as it measures only those with the Alexa toolbar installed…..I think) shows that his traffic ranking is higher than this site\’s, his UK traffic ranking lower than. So I\’d expect his numbers to be not dissimilar to this one\’s (note that Wikio uses an entirely different set of metrics).

Fortunately all of this is pretty easy to resolve. I\’ve got sitemeter available there for anyone to look at. He seems to have statcounter but it\’s not public. All he has to do is make public those statistics and we can see what his traffic levels are.

7 thoughts on “No, I don\’t think so Richard”

  1. Tim – You are of course assuming we care.

    The only thing I need from Ritchie is for him to pack up, take a vow of silence and join a monastry (or the Marxist equivelent – not sure what that is).

    Ritchie – Go Fuck Yourself

    (Apologies for that, it’s a form of libertarian Tourettes syndrome)

  2. Transparency is the antidote to authoritarians, totalitarians, neglect, lying and abuse.

    The left don’t do transparency.

  3. As Nick suggests, Ritchie seems to assume that the number of visits/visitors translates to support for what he says – I’m willing to bet half of his visitors read his latest rubbish to satisfy an appetite something akin to Schadenfreude.

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