No Polly, no, they don\’t

Few yet realise the scale of the conservative revolution in progress. Professors Peter Taylor-Gooby and Gerry Stoker have just revealed that by 2013 public spending will be a lower proportion of GDP in Britain than in the US.

The paper is here.

They actually predict it by 2015 (page 6).

And at 41% of GDP (ish) you can see that we\’re most certainly not getting out of line of our own post war experience:


You can see quite how massively Brown turned on the spending taps, can\’t you? Yes, some of it\’s the recession, but only that part after 2007/8.

And similarly we can see that US Government spending is getting out of line:


So, wrong year (did she actually even read the paper?) and causation wrong as well. The UK is cutting to just above post war average levels of government as a percentage of GDP, the US is raising spending to well above said post war average (the paper under discussion claims 42% or so for the US in 2015).

3 thoughts on “No Polly, no, they don\’t”

  1. Facts & Polly met briefly at a cocktail party in Kensington, didn’t get on & have never renewed the acquaintance.

  2. When we were at the height of our powers, Empire all over the place, biggest navy in the world, bashing wogs left, right and centre, we spent, what, 8%?

    Not saying that’s the model we wish to return to, of course, but it bears thinking about from time to time.

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