Odd idea Sir Simon

No one can create a job


There\’s around 30 million jobs in the UK economy and each and every one of them was created by someone.

Why, I even created a job myself a month ago. Admittedly it\’s in the Portuguese economy, but it was still a job created.

It\’s true that politicians don\’t create jobs, rather entrepreneurs do, but jobs are indede created. At least a couple of million a year in the UK economy in fact.

6 thoughts on “Odd idea Sir Simon”

  1. Wealth-creating jobs are created everyday by entrepreneurs and corporates.

    However, this reality has never been accepted by socialists (in Spain and in Britain). There is a profound disrespect for the work (particularly in SMEs) that we do.

    I see it reflected in my Spanish civil service friends (not an appropriate name here as they don’t really do service). They think that running a business is setting up shop and then minting it. They have no idea and consequently the treatment of SMEs and individual business people is one of total lack of respect and bunging bricks and worse in our path.

    Being in business is really, underneath it all, for the PSOE and the Labour Party, a profession for crooks, rip-off merchants and shysters only interested in a quick buck.

    How often do I go home feeling I have been shafted by administration and politicians? Just about every bloody day.

    You want Durham to have jobs then you will have to change your mindset.

    Government-created jobs are merely the spreading and destruction of wealth in exchange for (hopefully, ha!) useful services.

  2. As someone who, with my partners, employs about 100 people in an agressively expanding business, I can offer one possible argument in support of Sir Simon’s contention. That is that we did not actually create the jobs, the demand for the services was there, we just determined that we should be the ones supplying the services in order that the ill-gotten, exploitative gains should end up in our pockets rather than somebody else’s.

  3. He also doesn’t understand what “immaculate conception” means. It has nothing to do with the virgin birth (as he thinks) but the (ludicrous) Catholic belief that Mary was free of original sin.

  4. Have to concur with my north coast neighbour on this. But why is it that if you want downright self-serving, chiselling crookedness you don’t have to look further than a socialist.
    I’ve just sorted out a little deal with a bunch I know to be Romanian gangsters. Nothing illegal but I can guess where the money’s from. Couldn’t have been easier people to work with. Both parties expect the other to benefit or we wouldn’t be doing it. It’s in both our interests to keep it straight so we will. Concurrently I’m trying to cope with a local council who’s so crooked you couldn’t straighten them out with a road roller. Controlling party? You guessed it. Shame the E. Euro Mafia can’t take the place over. At least they’re honest crooks.

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