Oh dearie me no

This isn\’t correct at all:

Alumina, the ore from which aluminium is extracted, is not rare. In fact, it makes up about 6pc of the world\’s crust.

The ore is bauxite. Which you then convert to alumina using the Bayer Process.

OK, so you might not worry all that much about such a mistake in a general news column, but in a commodities column, trying to explain the secrets of the aluminium trade?


2 thoughts on “Oh dearie me no”

  1. And then you’ve got to add synthetic cryolite, and build a damn great power station near your smelter…

  2. “But the future of the industry is marred by its emissions – so the cost of producing aluminium is going to continue to rise, making much of the current global capacity uneconomical.”

    Really? Kind of assumes that there is going to be a charge for emissions, does it not? I wouldn’t give very good odds on even the USA, much less Russia doing so.

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