On the Salvation Army taking over the Poppy Project

The government budget for rescuing fallen women* has been awarded to the Salvation Army.

This is going to cause huge amusement methinks. For as the Heresiarch says:

At least the Salvationists are up-front about their religious motivation. If anything they tend, as individuals, to be considerably less judgemental than their ideologically-driven counterparts in the feminist movement.

The Sally Army may well want to convert them but they\’ll help with or without conversion. The feminists, not so much…..

* Err, OK, trafficked sex slaves

1 thought on “On the Salvation Army taking over the Poppy Project”

  1. “Pornophobia”; the irrational fear of prostitutes. The pornophobic believes that no reasonable person would engage in prostitution; therefore that they must have been corrupted by another person, generally an older male. The pornophobic activist will thus endeavour to correct this sexual behaviour by counselling and re-education.

    See also: homophobia.

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