On the subject of Mr Marr

He confesses:

Andrew Marr, the broadcaster, has admitted having an extramarital affair after deciding to abandon a controversial injunction banning the media from reporting it.

Much of the story is now out therefore. Yes, Andrew Marr had an extramarital affair, thought he\’d got his mistress pregnant, paid child support for 7 years and then a DNA test revealed that he wasn\’t the father at all.

Perhaps the ears weren\’t developing as expected or some such.

What isn\’t revealed as yet, or at least not in this story, is the identity of the mistress. Nor of the actual father of the child.

As we\’ve pointed out before in entirely unrelated matters, Alice Miles is still at The Times and, well, hmm, dunno, Ed Balls is Shadow Chancellor perhaps?

23 thoughts on “On the subject of Mr Marr”

  1. So, it seems, if said love-child looks like a belligerent terrier eating an aggressive wasp, we’ll have some idea of who her father is …? Or perhaps not?

  2. Julia, that is priceless!

    The only thing that stuns me – and it often does with such stories – “Why?” I mean he’s not exactly got the wit and good looks of George Clooney has he?

    And no the fact he has an insight into the Dunny-on-the-Wold bye-election is a poor substitute.

  3. Richard @ 10: Sorry, but both dogs to me!

    Bensix @9: and your exact point is???

    Note of practical advice: enjoy your wife, and then take a mistress only when she is over child-bearing age…

  4. Marr, he’s making eyes at me
    Marr, he’s awful nice to me
    Marr, he’s almost breaking my heart
    I’m beside him
    God, don’t let his conscience guide him!

    Marr, he wants to seduce me
    Be my honey bee
    Every minute he gets bolder
    Now he’s leaning on my shoulder
    Marr, he’s kissing me
    Marr is meeting no resistance
    I shan’t holler for assistance
    Marr, he’s shagging me.

  5. So let me get this straight. Allegedly Ed got Alice “Alpha Mummy” Miles up the duff and Andy doinked her as well but it turns out that that he was shotting blanks but he didn’t know that and took the CSA fall for it but didn’t want it to be known?

    Please help me here.

  6. Spotted on Google search for Alice Miles:

    “Let’s not forget that Alice Miles is the trollop who gave birth to the bastard of that jug-eared fuckstick Andrew Marr”

  7. To add to the hilarity, let us not forget that Marr’s missus is Jackie Ashley, who permanently looks like she’s been licking piss off a nettle. If politics is show business for ugly people, it looks like being a political commentator is show business for the Elephant Man’s extended family.

  8. Doesn’t Tim usually remind us that J Ashley is the daughter of Baron Ashley of Stoke, and is accordingly a m’lady?

  9. Surreptitious Evil

    Aren’t the offspring of Barons “the Hon” rather than “Lord” or “Lady”? And only on formal correspondence. So on a blog, she’d be Ms Ashley or Mrs Marr.

    Tim adds: Correct….and I go slightly further. Children of life peers, well, I think it’s a bit cheeky for them to claim the Hon.

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