On the Yale rape allegations

So there\’s a complaint about the \”sexual environment\” at Yale.

But the £25,000-a-year alma mater of Bill Clinton and both George Bushes has been plunged into a sexual harassment scandal that threatens to drag its reputation through the mud.

Yale\’s management has allowed the cultivation of a \”sexually hostile environment\”, in which misogyny flourishes and sexual attacks on young women are frequent, they claim.

The US government has launched an investigation into a complaint by 16 students at the Connecticut college. They allege a string of serious assaults and rampages by gangs of men that went unpunished.

It\’s always difficult to know in American academia. There are undoubtedly rapes that do happen and as the vile things they are the perpetrators should be chased down and punished.

But there\’s always that nagging feeling that someone\’s changed the meaning of the word \”rape\” on us.

Alexandra Brodsky, a 21-year-old studying Ethics, Politics, and Economics, described Mr Hunter\’s comments as \”absurd\” and said: \”Six or seven of my friends have been raped\”.

Using the conventional, legal, definition I think that\’s unlikely. Possible I guess, but unlikely, which is one of the things that makes me wonder about the definition of rape that\’s being used.

I guess we\’ll find out though….

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  1. ‘Waking up in the wrong bed with a hangover, these days, isn’t it?’

    That, or having played away from home, boyfriend finds out – I was raped!

  2. Surreptitious Evil

    Having said that, some of the reported non-rape behaviour seems a bit on the obnoxious side, even for a bunch of over-privileged, drunken septics.

    I blame it on the fact you can now buy real beer in some states, not the tasteless imitation Clausthaler they used to insist was the “King of Beers”.

  3. I’ve always hoped I’m an outlier, but nearly 50% of the women I know well enough to talk about that kind of thing have been raped.

    Six or Seven doesn’t seem at all unlikely to me.

  4. Since you know so many women well enough to talk of such things, Andrew, would you share how many of them went on to make criminal charges? How many claim were “victim” of someone they were in a relationship with at the time, or were they all dragged off the street by total strangers in broad daylight?

    And all by different men. That would make 50% of men rapists would it? Or was it the same man who raped all of them.?

    One of the tennets of “feminism” seems to be that all men are rapists at heart. Seems half of us are slacking. Or perhaps its mostly B.S.

  5. Look at Angry Harry’s website and then go from there for an education into the shit that feminism is trying to pull. If you really look you will be amazed and sickened by what is going on. This campus rape claim will prob be on a par with the “sex-traffic’d women at the superbowl” crap, where feminists tried to claim that the number of forced prostitutes trucked in to cover this years Superbowl was 100,000–one for every man,woman and child in the stadium. In reality the local police noticed virtually no change in the local sex for sale situation.

  6. To the really hard-core feminists, no womyn can truly consent when they are all oppressed by the patriarchy. Thus, any sexual contact between men an women is by definition ‘rape’.

  7. Look, it’s not that unusual in the US. There is a massive party and drug culture at most schools. The higher level schools are not immune – MIT is renowned for it’s drug culture, mostly because they’ve got so many chemists. There’s a lot more pressure, and lot more money = access to really ridiculous drugs. Binge drinking, black out drinking, all of this is normal and constant. You are in a population with a lot of young men not getting laid, everyone drunk and high, no adult supervision for these people for the first time really, and yeah, you get a lot of rape. And really rape, not he upset me when he grabbed my ass. Held to the floor and fucked by random jackasses at parties rape. Anal and vaginal penetrative rape. 50% of women isn’t that high a stat to have been assaulted (meaning someone was trying to rape you but you fought and got away, or got rescued by others), I’d be really surprised if it was that low. Full out rape – 30% or so seems right. Knowing 7 women personally who have been raped? Not strange or difficult at all.

    Tim adds: Rather surprises me.

    It so surprised me actually that I went looking for the figures.


    DoJ report from Janet Reno’s time. Rape rate is more like 3% per annum. That includes date rape etc. If the total rape rate is 3% per annum then the full on stranger rapre rate of 30% really does look very much out of line.

    BTW, a 3% rape rate is appalling as it is. I am *not* trying to say that rape doesn’t happen, nor that it’s not a horrible and vicious crime when it does. Just questioning the statistics that have been put forward.

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