Raise a glass to The English


Yes, \’tis our day.

Not that many of us take much notice mind. Unlike the Celts who make so much of their national days. They have to, poor dears, while we do not, for as Cecil Rhodes pointed out, to be born an Englishman is to have won the lottery of life.

11 thoughts on “Raise a glass to The English”

  1. Actually Tim, it’s not. St George’s Day this year falls on 2nd May thanks to the close proximity of Easter. Check the internet…ok it is still Shakespeare’s Birthday and so well worth celebrating…

  2. I could not give a toss if the 23rd April fell on bloody CHRISTMAS day, it is STILL St bleeding Georges day.

    FUCK the bastard “easter” bunny molesters.

  3. Hear, hear…. I’ll be damned if the fictional death of a fictional person and his fictional ressurection is going to get in the way of my celebration of a likely fictional man and his fictional deeds.


    28 oz of steak – check
    8 bottles of Spitfire ale – check
    Al Murray “Pub Landlord” DvDs – check

    Let the foreigner bashin day commence

  4. My preference for foreigner bashing when I lived in France was always St Crisin’s Day. Load a few bottles of English ale & the collie in the car, toodle down the road to Azincourt, quaff one & exercise t’other then we’d both enjoy a lengthy piss on the battle field.
    Oh, the dog answers to the name of Nelson……

  5. The winner of the lottery of life is somebody who is born a citizen of the Top Nation (H/Y 1066 and all that) &/or the richest which Britain was just ceasing to be when Rhodes said it. That illusion has been long shattered.

    Current winners are born in Hong Kong, Singapore or the USA, future ones in China.

  6. I thought that to celebrate St. George’s day, fly the flag, or otherwise positively display English ethnicity was now defined as a ‘hate crime’.

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