@RichardJMurphy on healthcare: ignoring the evidence

So, Ritchie tells us that:

First we need to eliminate those wasteful market mechanisms.

Yers, you see that competition thing is just so terrible isn\’t it? Damn near trade!

Then we can see what people who actually know what they\’re talking about say about competition in health care. You know, people who bother to go and look at the actual evidence?

In recent research along with Rodrigo Moreno-Serra (Gaynor et al. 2010), we look at all admissions to hospitals in the National Health Service – around 13 million admissions – pre- and post-policy. We find that hospitals located in areas where patients have more choice are of a higher clinical quality – as measured by lower death rates following admissions – and their patients stay in hospital for shorter periods compared with hospitals located in less competitive areas. What’s more, the hospitals in competitive markets have achieved this without increasing total operating costs or shedding staff. These findings suggest that the policy of choice and competition in healthcare can have benefits – quality in English hospitals in areas in which more competition is possible has risen without a commensurate increase in costs.

So there you have it. Richard Murphy, never knowingly studying the facts.

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  1. I have this sneaking suspicion that Murphy would have longed to hang out on the fringes of the Bloomsbury Group, but they wouldn’t have had him around because he smells faintly of wee.

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