Somewhat otherworldly

These scions of the Guinness family:

More recently, in 2004, Kindersley went into his local branch of Waitrose . Asked by the checkout girl if he would like some cash back, Kindersley (who was unfamiliar with this transaction) replied: “That’s really awfully sweet of you, how kind.”

He suggested £50, which he took across the road to the betting shop, investing it on a 10-1 shot which duly won its race. He then returned to the store to tip the checkout girl £10 for her kindness. For good measure, he gave £10 to the other girls on the tills as well. It was only when his credit card statement arrived that he understood the nature of “cash back”.

2 thoughts on “Somewhat otherworldly”

  1. Hmmmm.

    My 90-year old Mum, probably around the same year, also thought ‘Cash back’ was some kind of discount or gift and she was no offspring of a toff dynasty.

    Just of a generation for whom paying with cards at a supermarket till was alien.

  2. And, “credit card statement arrived that he understood the nature of “cash back” is, a mistake so the writer is just as ‘out of touch’ since ‘cash back’ is only applicable to debit cards.

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