Targets cause problems

Of course they do. Set targets and targets will be what people strive to reach.

The most seriously ill patients in the NHS have become the victims of “neglect” as surgeons are forced to focus on hitting waiting list targets for pre-planned operations, leading emergency doctors warn.

Who ever thought it would be any different?

Ah, yes, that\’s right. The proto-Stalinists in New Labour thought it would be different. Ho hum.

4 thoughts on “Targets cause problems”

  1. Hmm. An equally valid interpretation would be “consultants don’t like having to be measured against targets, so will say any old bollocks if they think it’ll help them get back to the more amenable days of doing whatever the hell they wanted and then pissing off to play golf at 3pm”.

  2. Same thing in schools. The target is getting children into the A*-C band, so who gets the extra attention to try to bump up agrade, the child predicted a D, or the child predicted an A?

    Government targets are flawed because they are nearly always binary (poverty, waiting times, education). You either are, or you aren’t. So all the effort goes on shifting those who only just fail to make them just passes.

  3. The right targets are good targets, or service standards, to use less politicised words.

    The two week target for suspected cancer is absolutely right – it’s outrageous cancer patients were previously often left drifting among the general run of non-urgent referrals.

    The four hour wait maximum in A&E (though its being fiddled by many hospitals) is still incredibly undemanding. Left to their own devices, the specialist registrars who need to interrupt their own work to see a patient in A&E would never appear.

    “Targets” are just political knockabout. “Bad” say all doctors because they want to do whatever they want to do without accountability, bad say Tories if they are Labour targets, and actually, good if you are a poor soddin’ patient.

    Now its their problem, the Tories haven’t a clue what to do.

    Tory “reforms” are insane. GP’s cannot commission £89bn of NHS care. They only know how to boost their own income, which is the only thing they seem good at. The last person you would put in charge of a £89bn organisation is Andrew “Listening” Lansley.

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