That Bolivarian, Socialist, Paradise

In 2004, the Hugo Chávez regime in Venezuela distributed the list of several million voters who had attempted to remove him from office throughout the government bureaucracy, allegedly to identify and punish these voters. We match the list of petition signers distributed by the government to household survey respondents to measure the economic effects of being identified as a Chávez political opponent. We find that voters who were identified as Chávez opponents experienced a 5 percent drop in earnings and a 1.3 percentage point drop in employment rates after the voter list was released. (JEL D72, O17)

7 thoughts on “That Bolivarian, Socialist, Paradise”

  1. Of course if you vote Conservative you are more or less guaranteed to receive a tax free increase in the value of your house : if you are a Council House tenant you will receive a rent increase and probably lose your job if its in the public sector.

  2. DBC Reed seems a little detached from reality – firstly house prices rise faster under Labour due to supply shortages in Q2 1997 the Halifax House price index had reached 222.6 – thirteen years later it reached 538.4 – secondly the reduction in subsidy for new council tenants who are not eligible for housing benefit (i.e. those who don’t need a subsidy from poorer private sector tenants) from 50% to 20% of market rent does not apply to existing tenants. So if you are a well-paid public sector worker in a council house (like Frank Dobson MP) you will still get a subsidy equal to the rent you actually pay (half the market rent) from the council tax-payer.

  3. John 77 is right: I have been somewhat preoccupied of late and missed the,no doubt, dramatic change of allegiance by which the Conservatives renounced the Landed Interest and stopped protecting the big landowners from an Adam Smith approved Land Tax by bribing the over-mortgaged masses tote against their own interests as workers and for the State subsidy of house prices.(Of course New Labour and the Lib DEms are no better: they are after the same decisive owner-occupier vote),
    With the removal of this help to buy the principal capital asset (although there is the question of the hundreds of pounds a month mortgage holders on variable rates save ,but don’t spend,from the
    Keynesian reduction in interest rates), it is all too natural ,if a little malicious,to attack the much smaller subsidies afforded Council House tenants who left to the mercies of the property market would not be able to live anywhere like London where there’s well-paid work.

  4. DBD Reed’s trying to cover up the fact that he has been caught out lying by ranting on about “State subsidy of house prices” is ineffective. The state has never subsidised my housing. Also, if Frank Dobson cannot afford to live in London, the moon is made of green cheese.
    The shortage of housing and the consequent high price is because New Labour halved (source: ONS) the rate of building of affordable housing compared to the previous Conservative government.
    It doesn’t help to accuse me of being malicious when I merely state plain facts – or does he/she deem it malicious to point out that he/she is lying rather incompetently?
    I have never objected to subsidies for Council house tenants who need subsidies but a rent subsidy equal to the rent paid that only applies to those too well off to qualify for housing benefit – well, I should think that would be worth attacking next time I actually attack anything instead of just mentioning its existence.

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